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How to Choose a Service

How to Choose a Pooper Scooper Service

You want to never have to pick up poop again. Tired of looking out your back window and seeing a mine field of pet waste. Feel like your the warden having to constantly harp on family member to pick up after the dog. Have you ever had to close the curtains when other come over so they don't see the back yard? Then you need a Pooper Scooper Service. 

Cheaper is seldom better

What to ask for  and look for in a Pooper Scooper Service
   Category Importance What to Ask 
 1  Insurance  Your service should have liability insurance. Never allow anyone on your property that is not insured. If they fall, get hurt, get bit, break something, cause damage to your home of neighbors, you could be personally responsible.
 If your pet gets out, gets hurt, who will be covering the bill? 
Are you insured.
Will you provide me with your certificate of insurance.  
 2 Service Provider Who will be picking up the waste each week? You want it to be the same person each week so they get to know your pets habits (where they go)and your pets (less stress on pets if in yard).

 Ask if the person is an Employee or an Independent Contractor? IF an employee - they need to be covered by a workers compensation insurance (ask to see certificate), If an independent contractor, (Many companies use independent contractors to save money, ask contractor to have their own insurance, use personal vehicles, no benefits, etc) - They need to be listed on insurance certificate,

What is their level of experience with animals - Looking for someone with pet CPR training is always a plus but not a necessarily. 
 Who will be my service person?
 Will it be the same person each week?
Are they an employee or an independent contractor?
 3 Sanitizing of Equipment Your service provider needs to clean their tool - picks, racks, buckets, and most importantly their boots between every yard. Professional providers will have a wash they use to clean and then you a spray on sanitizer. Most providers will use a bleach based product for their wash. Professional companies will use a different sanitizing product after the wash to kill bacteria, virus, and germs.   How do you clean your tools between yards?
Do you use a sanitizing product?, what is it? 
 4  Guarantee Your satisfaction should be guaranteed. Your poop scooper should be willing to re-service the yard or refund your money in full if the job was not done to your satisfaction. Keep in mind no one can guarantee they will get every dropping every time.   What is your service guarantee. 
What process do you use to ensure you get all the waste in the yard?
 5  Professionalism  You will want a professional. Someone you can trust. Keep in mind this person will be in your back yard each week and around your four legged babies. Look for the pride they take in their program - Uniformed, Logo'd vehicles, materials. Who do they hire or what is thier requirements for employment.  Do they provide you with a phone number to call in ads?
Do they have a website?
Pricing Pricing should be straight forward. Keep in mind you normally get what you pay for. Cheap service price could mean someone rushing through your yard to make it worth their while.
Keep in mind large yards will cost more, along with rock areas or bark landscaping (if done right these areas take more time and may have to be done by hand). Just having these materials should not mean a higher fee.
 Small dogs have smaller droppings that take more time to locate. 
Providers should remove all waste from premises.  
Most provider have discounts available - ask for them, They also may have some specials - ask for them. 
Avoid possible scams offering free year of service or ridiculously low pricing. If it sounds to good to be true it most likely is. 
What is your pricing for __ number of dogs __ time per week? 
What discounts do you offer? 
What specials do you have to get started? 

Why Fetch Should be your Poop Scooper Professional.
   Category Importance
 1  Insurance Fully insured.
We carry a 2 million dollar general aggregate, with a 1 million per occurrence liability policy. Steven and Eika Haas are covered under the policy. We will be glad to give you a copy of our insurance certificate. We also are bonded for your peace of mind. 

 2 Service Provider Our owner Steven Haas and his team  will service your yard each week. They will get to know your pets and their habit so you end up with a clean yard each time. 

Steven and his team are covered by the insurance policy above. 

Steven Haas has passed a pet CPR class class in August of 2012. 

Eika Haas is a licensed and  Certified Veterinarian Technician by the state of Colorado.   

 3 Sanitizing of Equipment We Clean and Sanitize all our tools between each yard. We use a 20:1 bleach solution for our boot and tool wash. We use Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Dimethyl Benzl Ammonuim Chloride solution approved by EPA for disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, ls virucidal (including Canine Parvovirus and Rabies) , fungicidal  - as our sanitizer. 

 4  Guarantee Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, call us and we will be back out to re-clean your lawn and apologize at no charge. We have never had to re-clean a yard as we run a grid pattern to ensure your yard is clean every time. 

 5  Professionalism We have three logo'd company vehicles to ensure no mechanical problem never causes us to miss your yard. Call us day or night at 970-420-6254. 

We are a proud member of APAWS - The Assocation of Professional Animal Waste Specialists. Pooper Scoopers, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter and Doggy Daycare Centers.

Pricing Straight forward pricing with no contracts - We earn your business each week

Weekly rates start as low as $6 per week (one dog, small yard)

Call today and we can give you a free quote 
Discounts offered for Seniors, Disabled, Active Military, and more. 

See our website at for full details

Special Offer:
Free Initial Yard Clean up and your third month (4 weeks) Free.  Yes, the first clean-up is at no additional charge when you start your weekly service - no contracts, and we earn your business each week. (Most companies charge anywhere from $25-$65 the first time they clean your lawn.)  We will also give you your third month (4 weeks) for free. Our weekly service price:  

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